Are you unable to find the right product because of limited choices?

Are you incurring high costs for your products/services because of middlemen?

Are you worried about the reliability of sellers negatively impacting your business?

We have the Solution to
Your Problems
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How you can Benefit from
our services

Wide Range of Products and Services

You get a wide range of choices for the needed products and services from a wide variety of expand your business and product exposure.

No Middlemen and Low Prices

As a direct links established exclusively between you and manufacturers, the middlemen are eliminated and you are free from bearing their costs. This will not just reduce the cost price to a great extent but also create an effective supply chain.

Verified Sellers

You can find trusted, established vendors and build a trading partnership to safely deal with all suppliers listed on the platform as they undergo through verification during registration.

Features that make us
Exclusive for you

Catalog provides you with a sea of information about the sellers, including their company profile and the range of products/services offered by them. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to information that you can get about the products/services you are looking for. The sellers' Catalog and their offerings are customized according to your needs and presented the way you want.

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You can get insights of other users with their and ratings on the companies, products, five factors that influenced their product purchase decision, and testimonials which helps you make informed procurement decisions. Moreover, If you have connected with a company, you can also rate the company on various given parameters.

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With preview, you can get instant experience of the products/services in a digital form without having the need to wait for samples or demo.

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You can perform product/service comparison to find the best price for the best quality.

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When you follow a company, Feeds allows you to discover the products/services of that company, with Quick Cards, which briefs you about the product info precisely, helping you make quick purchase decisions.

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My Connects Helps you Connect Securely Your Way

As ensuring the confidentiality of your contact details is always paramount to us, your private details will stay secure. Your calls to the seller is routed through a Virtual Number System, which preserves your privacy without disclosing your original number.

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You can anonymously chat with sellers without sharing your identity and get quick answers to all your queries.

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Our self-service scheduling provides you with supreme convenience of scheduling an appointment with company reps without even making a phone call. You can sit anywhere and identify the best suppliers and book your appointments whenever you feel like, without the annoyance of a sales team. When you meet with an unplanned work, you can also reschedule or cancel the meeting anytime. Estimated Meeting Time, Bookings, Reschedulings Cancellations, Reminders, Tracking and various other options in our Meet will enable you to more efficiently utilize the time spent on meetings every year

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Samples & Demo: With our Samples and Demo features, you can enjoy the live experience of products/services and clarify your doubts on them, confirm whether it exactly suits your needs, and purchase them without any risk. Both the services allow you to track their status whenever you want.
Samples: Samples allow you to place a request for interested product samples free of cost.
Demo: Demo allows you to place a request for service demo anytime, anywhere

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It will allow you to get instant personalized quotes and exclusive discounts from sellers for the products/services you are interested in, without any calls or meetings with sales representatives.

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No unfair advantage to sellers ensuring you authentic buying experience

To bring an authentic experience to you, we ensure that we don't offer any premium memberships and paid promotions to sellers on ourplatform. All manufacturers will be sorted according to their organic strength and you can have an opportunity to get directly benefited from organic promotions made by sellers through our features such as Stories, Play and Learn.


With Stories, you can acquire knowledge by reading the articles regularly published by sellers and update your skills.


Play introduces you to interesting products, where by you can avail rewards offered by sellers for watching product videos and answering a few related questions.


Learn allows you to upskill and reskill through expert trainers by attending educational events offered by sellers.

How MyVerkoper will help
you connect with manufacturers


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Account Setup & Upgradation

Our executive will visit your campus and set up your institution account by adding you to it. If you are a Procurement Decision Maker, we will enable you to upgrade to Prime Membership from your mobile app, giving you access to a host of features.

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